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Hoffman's Two-toed Sloth

The slowest animal?


     Two-toed sloths can be found hanging out in trees in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Like their name implies, sloths are slow-moving animals that spend almost their entire life hanging upside down in the trees. 


     The reason sloths move so slowly has a lot to do with what they eat. Leaves and some fruit are not the most nutritional foods around. This kind of diet requires a special digestive system. Bacteria in their gut help digest the large amount of plant matter they eat. Due to the low nutritional value of their leafy diet, sloths usually move at a leisurely pace and sleep a great deal (up to 18 hours per day). 


     Deforestation is the most significant threat for the sloth. These sloths often find their forests fractured by towns and cities, making it a challenge for this slow-moving creature when they find themselves in a fast-paced, urban environment.  

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