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Conservation starts at home


     When people think about conservation, the word often dreams up far away and exotic places full of exciting and incredible wildlife. The truth is, every single place in the world has incredible and exotic wildlife that is in need of conservation assistance. Look no further than your own backyard, there is a complete ecosystem teeming with all kinds of extraordinary species. Not the case? Well do something about it. There is a myriad of conservation techniques that can be utilized to help revitalize your small piece of the world, whether you rent, buy, or squat, there is always something small you can do to help species that has global impact. 

     You do not need to be a scientist to practice conservation. Everyone has the incredible opportunity to be a conservationist and to have fun being one through whatever hobbies or talents they may enjoy. Whether it is painting, drawing, building, writing, reading, photography, or even video games, there are many ways one can help protect the creatures and plants around them. Think about some of your favorite hobbies and consider how they can be useful in habitat conservation.  

     There are a few ideas below to get you started on your conservation journey. The easiest start, is to plant native plants around your area to encourage wildlife to use spaces that were once bare. Another easy start is to start reading and soaking in information about conservation. You have taken the first step by visiting this website and the "Conservation through a Lens" gallery. Next, start talking to people and share ideas about what conservation means in your neighborhood. Once you have an idea of what nature's needs are, use your hobby and implement change in your backyard to better a habitat, help an animal or connect an ecosystem.

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Supporting conservation around the world

     Through the purchase of exhibit pieces, prints, stuffed animals, and artifacts from around the world, you are supporting the organizations we work with and their conservation efforts. You can also support their work by donating directly to their pages. 

     We have collectively raised over $2,500 dollars to support conservation efforts for the following organizations.

The Endangered Wolf Center, USA

Planet Indonesia, Indonesia

Monteverde Institute, Costa Rica

Monarch Watch, USA

Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida, USA

Friends of the St Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, USA

Vermillion Sea Institute, Mexico

Conservation Centers for Species Survival, USA

Audubon Society, USA

McConnell Arts Center, USA

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